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3 easy exercises to increase energy

Exercises to increase energy

It’s quite easy to get up and go to a class or move in the morning, our motivation can be high (if you’re a morning person), or same in the afternoon if you are used to exercising in the evenings.

But what about that 3pm slump?
Today instead of fixing it with something to eat or drink or being unproductive but still trying….give these 3 movements a go. It’ll take less than 10mins and you will feel revived!! You do have the TIME for 10 mins, the time for YOU.

Firstly do a big stretch, breathe deep into the centre of your diaphragm and shake yourself up….have a giggle…..think of this as fun, not serious:-)

Do a little Cat/Cow to warm up, Breathe, Notice and then move into Downward Dog.
Shake out your head, jaw and neck.


Exhale – Downward Dog.      Inhale – Upward Dog.
Exercises to increase energyTransition through these positions using your breath and with awareness, especially of your lower back.


Your spine should be able to move fluidly here rather than in one chunk. Keep your knees on the ground doing this flow if you need. It is a strong pose so the breath will help to give you strength..and wake you up!!

Repeat the flow from down dog to up dog 6 – 10 times.

Exercises to increase energy







Side Plank (you can also be on your knees here if being on the side of your feet is too strong).

Exercises to increase energyTake your time to make sure you are in alignment and your hips are aligned. The top hip usually wants to move forward or back here so look to see your hips are in line with each other. This will help prevent your back doing a lot of the work.

Hold the right side for 5 breaths, aim to bring weight into your feet and not just all in your shoulders.

Add in little hip dips if you are at that level. Inhale to lower your hip slightly to the ground, exhale to lift back up – less is more here.
Swap to the other side – 5 breaths or 5 hip dips

Finally, get your…………

3. LEGS IN THE AIR. Anyway you can!!

Exercises to increase energyAlways take care of your neck when doing this.

  • Some variations to do this are:
    ~ place a large book/block/bolster or pillow (whatever you have handy) under your sacrum (tail bone) to support you and simply lift your legs in the air for a minute.
    ~ try shoulder stand
    ~ try hand stand using the wall to support you
    ~ or simply place your hands about the length of your legs away from the wall and slowly walk you legs up the wall until you’re in an L shape with your feet pressing into the wall and hands into the ground. (like the photo).


Please note that I have not given you a detailed description of how to do each movement. This is just an idea of what you can do. Always take care when doing movements involving strength like these. Be aware if it does not feel right for your body today and stop if needed. These are simply suggestions of what I like to do to give myself an energy burst when needed. If you would like detailed step by step instructions for alignment and how to do these exercises please email or message me and I will send instructions on. Enjoy xx

Hi, I’m Daphne, a teacher, a mother, a movement lover, a masseuse and creator of Solas Essentials. We are made up of many parts and we each have a story leading to now.  Every day has challenges for us all no matter how ‘perfect’ one may look online. 

I would love to help bring more mindful moments into your busy day through awareness of how we move and breathe, through the products we use and through the power of touch and essential oils. As I help others I help myself so let’s all work together to create the best day we can. I’m looking forward to hearing from you or sending you some gorgeous products you may treat yourself to.