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Solas Essentials - Handmade Natural skincare

Create a Mindful Moment in your day with Solas Products.

Whether you want effective, natural skincare, healing baby products, perfumes with purpose or therapeutic sprays, Solas has them all.

Our products are made to the highest quality and integrity using only 100% pure essentials oils. Not only will you see visible results on your skin, you will also notice an effect on your body and mind.

Nourishing for your Skin. Healing for your Soul.

Simplify your skincare. Simplify your life.




"Being prone to dry skin, I absolutely LOVE Solas’s anti wrinkle serum! It’s like a great big refreshing drink for my skin...I love it! And when I follow it up with the face moisturiser, it’s the best combo. Oh and did I mention they smell amaaaaaaazing?!”

Ngaire Jones

"Sweet Dreams is the BEST I keep it on my bedside table and a few sprays each night quietens my brain bringing on the best sleep, love it!"

Meaghan Bliss

"I absolutely adore the LOVE handmade natural perfume. I will definitely be back for more."

Katrina Inkognito

"I love my baby massage oil! It’s so beautiful, a few drops in his bath and it smells divine and his skin is so lovely and soft. Amazing product!"

Mandy Mills

"The Anxiety Spray really works, I have used it prior to stressful work days and also as a relaxant for my son when he's been upset, and it does wonders! I highly recommend Solas, there really is something for everyone in their range!"

Ange Wall

"I am so happy with the prompt service when I inquired by email on some items. Plus the quality of the product, smells divine!"

Sonja Poole

"I love the Solas product range. I use quite a few on a daily basis. They are so lovely, my favourites in particular are the Love Perfume, the roll on is perfect and lasts me for ages and I wear it daily. I get comments all the time of how lovely I smell."

Ange Wall


As a teacher, mother and business owner, I needed to consciously bring some mindful moments into my day. Solas came from the need to cater for my own sensitive skin and monkey mind! Led by my passion for all things natural, I slowly began to make products to use on myself and my family.

Solas Natural Products reduce the unnecessary absorption of nasty synthetics and chemicals into your skin. The use of essential oils bring a therapeutic property to each product, along with providing an opportunity to notice YOU.

Apply, inhale, notice the effects on your mind and body, exhale and stay in that moment.

Each Solas product has its own specific purpose brought in through the unique blend of essential oils and intentions while being made.

I have always worked with people and the body in one way or another. I believe in a deep connection between all things, especially the body and mind. Solas Products are handmade by myself and it brings me joy every time I hear how they are benefitting you.

Daphne Sinclair Solas Essentials



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