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Shop Solas Essentials Natural Skincare
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Shop Solas Essentials Natural Skincare
Shop Solas Essentials Natural Skincare
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Solas Essentials Natural Skincare

Whether you want effective, natural skincare, healing baby products, perfumes with purpose or therapeutic sprays, Solas has them all.

Our products are made to the highest quality and integrity using only 100% pure essentials oils. Not only will you see visible results on your skin, you will also notice an effect on your body and mind with each use.




As a teacher, mother and business owner, I needed to consciously bring some mindful moments into my day. Solas came from the need to cater for my own sensitive skin and soul. Led by my passion for all things natural, I slowly began to make products to use on myself, my family and in my massage and movement business.

Solas is a labour of love and after testing many essential oil combinations, I have formulated some beautiful blends specific for each product. What I love is that every Solas product has it’s own unique specific purpose and intention brought to you through the power of the Essential oils and the intention while being made.

Essential Oils are extremely powerful and healing, they are a great tool to have in life for many ailments. It is important to have knowledge and awareness when using essential oils in their neat form. Every Solas product is blended to a safe and effective dilution for personal use, home use, for pregnancy and for your babies. Enrich your life and your mind with daily use of SOLAS.

Daphne Sinclair Solas Essentials


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