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Shine your Light

Do you find yourself saying…I should do this/ that…. find at the end of the day you are drained?
One thing that keeps coming up for me is to stop pushing, remove ‘shoulds’….. and instead allow space to receive. This isn’t necessarily receiving material objects, more like receiving space, clarity, ease, intuitive direction.

After many years of saying I should meditate more often, I decided to give up the trying. I let it go for a while, went off to Ireland to see family, I’ll admit I even got out of the yoga zone and just let myself be and do whatever I wanted to…….guess what….I suddenly got the deepest urge to meditate, no shoulds, just a deep knowing and desire to follow through. Granted….it’s only been about 10 days since I have brought it into my daily routine. Once Archy goes down for his morning sleep, before I start into anything, I sit down and take 15mins to be with me. I am currently doing a different guided meditation each morning and the difference I have noticed in myself has been BIG. This is why I’m mentioning it. It has not even been 2 full weeks and it has made a difference in my daily life. I’m not looking ahead however I have noticed that as each day passes I really look forward to my meditation and am putting it as a priority which I never would have before. All this has come about from ‘letting go’ and not pushing to do something I ‘should’.

The reason I am sharing this is because I have conversations regularly where ‘should dos’ come up a lot, especially with yoga and meditation. Perhaps because we are surrounded by it in the media and wellbeing world. It is encouraged because it does help both mentally and physically. However, don’t do it out of pressure or because your friends are or because you feel you should. Simply aim to make some space in your day and listen to your body wherever and whenever that may be.

Stop trying or doing all the time, especially the should do’s, and allow yourself 5 mins to stop and listen to notice that deeper part of you. What will be necessary for you at that time will gradually come into your life. It may be someone mentioning something to you and your body sings yes, it may be something you read, something you see on your computer…if your body sings yes, follow that. It is often only when we practise stopping every now and then and listening that we can even notice this ‘singing’.  Tune into you to find out what your body needs movement wise, food wise and mentally. It’s about you, your mind, your body and your energy. Can you hear you?

Ps: A good thing to remember is we are all growing and evolving, no one is perfect or should be put on a pedestal, we can find the answers within if we take the time to tune in. I would usually analyse what I wrIte, check and double check to see if it’s suitable, notice fear within myself about what people may think and sometimes even delete due to fear of judgement. Not today, I just hope one of you finds inspiration of some form to move toward a better version of you.There is no end, don’t aim for an end, there is just growth. Do not be afraid to shine who you really are.

Hi, I’m Daphne, a teacher, a mother, a movement lover, a masseuse and creator of Solas Essentials. We are made up of many parts and we each have a story leading to now.  Every day has challenges for us all no matter how ‘perfect’ one may look online. 

I would love to help bring more mindful moments into your busy day through awareness of how we move and breathe, through the products we use and through the power of touch and essential oils. As I help others I help myself so let’s all work together to create the best day we can. I’m looking forward to hearing from you or sending you some gorgeous products you may treat yourself to.